Monday, June 16, 2014

Putting Yourself Out There Is Worth Its Weight In Chicken Sandwiches

On Wednesday a week or so ago, I won a radio trivia contest. 

Here are the questions:
  1. What Sesame Street characters were developed to show that people with different personalities can coexist?
  2. What is the colored part of your eye called?
  3. Finish the line from a Dr. Seuss book:  “One fish two fish,                   .”
And with those questions answered correctly, I won free food. 

Friday is when I actually got my free food coupons and so we decided to go to Chicken Church* (or Chick-fil-A as it’s known to the Gentiles).

While we were there, a lady and her mother came in to order.   We happened to be sitting near the counter, so it was pretty easy to hear the exchange.  The two women were asking bizarre questions about the menu items and then they said it, “We've never been here before.”  What?!  How could two seemingly normal, well adjusted adults never have eaten at a Chick-fil-A?  My heart wept for these two women.  For so many years, they've missed out on the glory that is Chick-fil-A. 

I decided to approach the women and share the good news of their newfound relationship with the chicken sandwich.  We prayed together while the instrumental version of “Here I Am To Worship” played in the background.

So that last part isn't really true; except that “Here I Am To Worship” actually was playing in the background.

It did get me thinking, though.  How many times are we on one side of this situation or the other? 

We are either the well established fixture (the “regular”) at a particular place, be it work, school, church, or even a restaurant, or we are the new person. 

When we are the regulars, how do we react to a new person or guest?  Do we welcome them or do we shun them? 

What if we are the new person?  How do we approach the new place?  Do we avoid anything new for fear of not being welcomed or accepted?  Or do we jump in with both feet?

The ladies jumped in with both feet.  They bought what looked like a dozen meals. 

I hate being the new person.  I fear not being accepted or welcomed.  I would rather just avoid anything new altogether, but I don’t.  Despite how I might feel, I know that the only way to be accepted, welcomed, or a regular, is to put myself out there and take the risk. 

It’s worked every time.  Try it.

By the way:  Bert & Ernie, Iris, and Red Fish Blue Fish.

*I can’t take credit for the Chicken Church idea, that’s all Jon Acuff.

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