Monday, March 31, 2014

Church Invitation

We got invited to church, specifically, a couples group at church.

While we were out having dinner at a classy barbecue restaurant, we were approached by a couple and they gave us a pamphlet about their church.  They eagerly invited us to join them in their couples group that was held at their church.  We of course were polite to them, listened to their invitation, and told them thank you. 

After they left, I started wondering, of all of the people that were in the restaurant that night, why would they approach us?  After thinking about it, I narrowed it down to two possible reasons.  It was either because we look like heathens or because we were a practice run. 

I tend to lean toward the heathen option since I spent most of the dinner threatening the oldest daughter and the youngest daughter spent most of the time screaming like she was possessed.

If they didn’t choose us because we look like we need Jesus, then they were just practicing on us.  Of course we already belong to a church and our salvation is secure, so I can’t help but think that if they saw this in us, we were their dry run at their “go out to a restaurant and invite people to church” ministry. 

Even though I can’t argue with either of these and I think it’s important that we invite people to church, I just can’t help but think that they thought we were in need of salvation.

To add to the thought that we might be heathens, when we got home I promptly threw the invitation pamphlet away and Chantel said, “Those Baptists must keep a stack of those things with them at all times.” 

So I guess that settles it.  

Pray for our souls.


  1. I had to laugh a little at this one!

  2. Just love your writing, Scott!! Keep them coming.