Monday, July 14, 2014

That Time A Celebrity Prayed For Me In A Parking Lot

Opportunities are everywhere, and more often than not, they are where you least expect them. 

As we were exiting the plane in Los Angeles, I leaned over to Kevin and said, “I wonder how many celebrities we’ll see in the airport.”  He laughed and said, “Probably none.”  He was right, but that didn’t keep me from looking anyway. 

I’d never been to Southern California and I knew that if we were going to see a celebrity, it would be at LAX.

After we got off of the shuttle to the rental car place, I had all but given up on seeing a celebrity.  Just as I had forgotten to look for someone famous, I noticed a tall skinny guy with dreadlocks wearing a camo jacket.  As I heard his voice I knew who it was:  Brian “Head” Welch from KoRn.  I told Kevin who he was, but he wouldn’t have recognized him anyway.  I wanted to approach him to say hi, but I didn’t. 

I had missed my opportunity to meet my favorite member of my favorite band from my teenage years. 

At least I thought I missed my opportunity.

As we were walking through the lot looking for our rental car, I spotted him again.  This time Kevin reminded me that it could be my last chance, so I went for it.  I approached him and said hello.  We made small talk and I told him how much of a fan I was and how impactful his life story is to me and many other people.  You see, after being addicted to drugs and alcohol for years, he decided to give up everything and follow Jesus.  He quit the drugs and drinking and he quit Korn. 

Here’s a video of him telling the story in his own words:

Not only did I get to talk to him and get a picture, but he offered to pray for us.  We of course let him and just like that, we went our separate ways. 

If it hadn’t been for Kevin convincing me to take advantage of the opportunity, I would never have met one of my teenage heroes and one of the most inspirational people on the planet.

Bottom line:  Look for opportunities everywhere you go; the experience just might change everything.  It’s not every day that a celebrity prays for you in a rental car parking lot.

Here’s the picture we took together:  

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