Monday, February 24, 2014

Why I Hate Buffets; Just Kidding, I Love Buffets!

Thankfully, my wife’s grandparents didn’t convince her to break up with me the first time I met them.  If I were in their shoes, the relationship wouldn’t have lasted until the end of our first interaction with each other. 

The first time I met Chantel’s grandparents was when I went to dinner with them at the casino, the fanciest place within about 50 miles.  We went to the buffet. 

Anyone that knows me knows that calling me a picky eater is an understatement.  So pair that with the fact that I could possibly have a panic attack at just the thought of having to do something out of the ordinary and you have a recipe for disaster. 

So here I am at this buffet and I’m freaking out about what to eat.  I’m already so nervous that just the thought of food is making me nauseous and now I have to pick something out to eat.  As I’m scanning the buffet, I notice spaghetti.  Yes!  I can handle spaghetti.  How bad could it be?  I put a modest amount of noodles on my plate and moved on to the sauce.  Well, wouldn’t you know that there are 3 containers of sauce right next to each other and now I have to choose one.  One sauce was super thick and full of stuff I knew I wouldn’t want, one was basically red water, and the other was something in-between.  I chose the red water because I knew it would be the safest bet and I would be able to eat it.  Boy was I wrong.

I went back to the table and took my first bite.  Holy Cow!  That was the most disgusting spaghetti sauce I had ever eaten in my entire life.  Words cannot describe how awful this stuff was.  

Now, being the polite young man that I am, I tried to force myself to eat it anyway.  After gagging and grimacing for a few bites, Chantel’s grandmother convinced me to go and get something different off of the buffet.  I went and came back with fried chicken or something, I can’t remember.

As I sat down, the three of them could barely contain their laughter.  COCKTAIL SAUCE!  It was cocktail sauce!  While I was gone, Chantel’s grandmother tasted the sauce and made the discovery.  I couldn’t believe the embarrassment!  After they finally stopped laughing, we continued eating and the meal ended up not being so bad.

What I learned from this experience is that:
  1. I do some pretty stupid stuff
  2. My in-laws have a great sense of humor
  3. They’re non-judgmental
I think we all do things from time to time that might not be the best of ideas, so make sure you have people in your life that have a sense of humor and that love unconditionally, even if you do idiotic things like use cocktail sauce on your spaghetti.

What was it like when you met your in-laws for the first time?  What about some other embarrassing moment that actually worked out well?  Let’s hear it!


  1. My mother in law went in the men's bathroom the first time we went to eat. (and she did not drink) My husband ended going right after her and saw her feet and sad "Mama what are you doing in the men's bathroom"? She said "son, you are crazy, this is the ladies." Needless to say we laughed the rest of the night. She was a funny, funny lady and laughed all the time! Then we got back to their house and his dad tripped on the concrete and hit his head on the boat trailer. He said girl you better run, you probably think we are all crazy as hell around here!! They kept me in stitches for 27 years so far!

    1. What a "great" start to the relationship!